About Dhamma Mahavana

The California Vipassana Center, in North Fork, CA, is dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. This technique gradually eradicates all inner suffering.

Stands of oak, pine, cedar, and manzanita occupy the bulk of the 109-acre site, and are complemented by a tranquil pond and a broad meadow. Wildlife abounds.

A newly constructed meditation hall accommodates up to 120 students; other recent additions include a teachers' residence and accommodations for meditators working long-term at the center. Plans are moving forward to build a complex of individual meditation cells known as a pagoda.

The Center is in the Sierra foothills south of Yosemite. The Center is a four hour drive from San Francisco and a five hour drive from Los Angeles, with bus, rail, and air connections an hour away in Fresno. You will receive directions to the Center, as well as a complete list of physical requirements and suggestions, once your course application has been approved. If you can offer a ride or need a ride, check out the voluntary ride share information.