Covid-19 Protocol

Dhamma Mahavana is making every effort to offer safe Vipassana courses while Covid continues to circulate in the population.

The following points are required for attendance: 
  1. Covid vaccination is no longer required. All participants must bring either a negative PCR test taken as close to the start date as possible or proof of Covid vaccination with one booster.   
  2. In addition, take a rapid antigen test the same day of arrival, before traveling to the Center. Bring a picture of the negative test result. 
  3. Bring three additional rapid antigen tests to take during the course. 
  4. N95 or KN95 must be worn at all times indoors, including in the Meditation Hall, Pagoda hallways, and dining halls. Masks are not required inside your private room, inside a Pagoda cell, while eating or drinking, or outdoors. Please bring an adequate supply of masks. 
  5. Provide contact information of someone based in California willing to be responsible for you in case of an emergency, like contracting Covid.  
  6. If you carpool to the Center, we require that everyone in the car wears a mask.  
Local meditators who wish to come to the center should contact the Office beforehand.